We're experts. As former journalists and communications professionals with experience in corporations and agencies in the United States and around the world, we have amassed a depth and breadth of industry experience and communications specializations you’d be hard-pressed to find in one person... or even in one team. And we're sensitive to the nuances in communication between one country and another.

We're flexible. Tap into us for the time you want, on a temporary (minimum one week) or ongoing basis, by the hour or by the project. By enlisting us when you need us, you avoid having to hire full-time employees when work ramps up or having to lay them off when it dries up.

We're strategic. We don't believe in buzz for buzz's sake. We propose targeted communications strategies in alignment with your strategic goals.

​We aim to please. We're in the communications business, so we know the power of word-of-mouth marketing. We’ll do our best to exceed your expectations, because we want you to hire us again and again… and recommend us to others. 

​We maximize your resources. By contracting Out Loud Communications Consultants, you pay for brain time instead of:

  • Vacation time, sick time or overtime

  • Software, hardware or other overhead costs

  • Health care, 401K or other benefits